Catapult Your Crowdfunding Campaign to Celebrity Status

The very essence of crowdfunding is to raise monetary contributions from a large number of people, so it’s not only essential to ensure your campaign’s visibility before a massive audience, but it’s equally as important to deliver your message in a unique and compelling way. Featuring your campaign on VIVE Lifestyle Network’s CROWDPOWER TV will deliver both the reach and consequently the eyeballs, as well as the competitive advantage necessary to connect with and convert viewers into loyal supporters.

CROWDPOWER TV Features & Benefits

  • TV Feature: CROWDPOWER TV’s media-rich categorical 1-hour shows feature campaigns & creator interviews coupled with built-in donation-enabled interactivity.
  • Low Cost: Participate in CROWDPOWER TV for a one-time payment of $299USD (≅ £190 or €270) and even use the interactive clip to double as your pitch video to save time and money (optional).
  • Fair Play: Unprecedentedly, CROWDPOWER features up to 120 projects concurrently to level the playing field – 12 projects in each of 10 categories. Each episode showcases twelve campaigns of like kind. Business start-ups and worthy causes are also supported.
  • Huge Exposure: CROWDPOWER TV goes where the eyeballs are – to every screen, including game boxes, OTT’s, and even cable boxes worldwide. Shows air at least 28 days.§
  • Flexibility: Creators have discretion of which crowdfunding platform to use – either a third-party (eg. Quirky) or CROWDPOWER’s own crowdfunding site (beta). In the case of the latter, creators have discretion of campaign duration, whether to offer rewards (or not), as well as whether to use their TV appearance in lieu of making a pitch video.
  • Open Platform: CROWDPOWER is platform non-partisan and will feature an upcoming or live campaign powered by ANY other crowdfunding platform.ϒ
  • Distribution: With CROWDPOWER TV – a virtual digital pipeline – the party doesn’t end when the campaign gets funded. VLN can incorporate your product or service within its multitude of programmes and channels.
  • Monetisation: Leveraging its massive audience & commerce-enabled interactivity, VLN can help sell your product or service. Screen films on SHORTies, sell products, music, and more.

Show segment clip in ultra high definition can be provided to use within your campaign in lieu of a self-made conventional pitch video for $49USD (≅ £31 or €43).

§ Episodes air at least twice daily for a period of 28 days after which point we reserve the right to continue airing segments correlating to ongoing campaigns. Campaigns that get funded before the 28-day run will not be removed from their respective episodes, however. May not be available on every device at time of premier.

ϒ Subject to local laws applicable to equity-based campaigns. VIVE Lifestyle Network makes no guarantee as to the success of any campaign featured on CROWDPOWER TV.

Product placement as per VIVE Lifestyle Network’s sole discretion and by separate agreement.

Clearly, appearing on an internationally-syndicated television series is the ideal ammunition you need to annihilate the competition and catapult your crowdfunding campaign to celebrity status and be able to say ‘as seen on CROWDPOWER TV’!

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